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For me and many of my readers, there is no better way to restore the mind, body and spirit than being one with nature.

I have in the past, visited many national parks across the United States. We are so blessed that our government was smart enough to place some of the most beautiful landscape in our country aside for all to experience in out national parks system. I urge you to go and connect with nature in a national park the next time you have a need to recharge your batteries. I recommend staying in the park if you can. They have many camp sites and lodges but you should call ahead and book them 6 – 12 months before your trip. I just returned from a visit to Big Bend National Park, Texas and we stayed in the park basin surrounded by mountains. They call this a 3 in 1 park and we experienced all of it. We spent one day hiking in the heat of the desert, a day hiking along the Rio Grande river, a night amazed by the clear sky filled with stars and the brightest Milky Way and a day hiking the trails of the Chisos mountains to Emory Peak. 2nd highest in Texas.

I was lucky to be able and get away for this trip but connecting with nature comes in many ways. You can enjoy a stroll in your neighborhood, a visit to your lock park, zoo or just stay home gardening in your back yard. While others may have more time to travel the country for some fishing, hiking, hunting or boating, there are many ways to get there, walk, ride a bicycle, motorcycle, RV, van or car, just get out and find your place with nature. I enjoy a less civilized path in the mountains or beach, exploring new settings that the universe has placed in front of me.

Today’s world is rush,rush,rush and go go go, with people more connected to their computers, Ipads, and smart phones than they are with nature. I want you in the next 6 months to promise yourself to leave all technology at home and connect with a natural environment experience. When you replenish your energy and spirit with nature, it helps to keep you balanced.

I want to suggest a few encounters with nature that won’t cost you any money.

Wake up early to view the sunrise. (A favorite of mine at: www.ASunriseMediaGroup.Com )

If you are not a morning person then enjoy the colors of the sunset.

It is getting late in the evening and now star gazing on a clear night will calm your spirit. The Milky Way was so bright and the sky clear and filled with stars while I visited Big Bend N.P.

How about placing a blanket in a meadow, gaze up at the clouds, every cloud has a different shape. What do you see?

Go for a walk, find your path, feel the breeze on your face and smell the flowers as you walk a trail covered with daisies. The scent of the cedar trees fill the air as you climb higher and higher. This was my experience hiking Emory Peak in Big Bend.

Time with nature helps rest the mind, reducing fatigue, allowing your mind to process happy thoughts.

When you are one with nature, you have time to look at your life’s priorities. Nature will give you the opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future. Don’t get lost. Always live and enjoy the present moment.

The wilderness of nature can be a restful, peaceful, calming, healing experience. Whether it is a walk along the beach (a perfect place for me since I live in Florida), a hike in the mountains or relaxing at your nearby watering hole (creek, pond, stream, lake, etc.).

You can always find a path to walk and relax. I have a zen garden with several walking paths, plants and flowers in my backyard. What ever you do, just get out, smell the flowers, look at the trees and listen to the birds and other wildlife.

It will bring you some Peace.

Be One With Nature!

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