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The dictionary defines an affirmation as a act of affirming or a state of being affirmed. A statement of existence of truth of  something. Something that is affirmed and to affirm is to assert positively, to declare and to confirm or ratify. A statement or proposition that is declared to be true and positive.

So I say to you, that affirmations are positive sentences, statements, or simply put, they are good words. Affirmations can help change a negative mind-set to a positive mind-set. Affirmations will help remove troubled thoughts with positive energy. They help to keep your emotions calm and relaxed.  In the Law of Attraction, affirmations can help bring into your life, all that is good, and positive, keeping negativity out of your mind.

Affirmations center your mind, body and spirit in harmony. Affirmations are used as a tool for your mind and thoughts to bring positive change to your life. What comes into your life will affect your thoughts, your thoughts control your mind, your mind affects your body and together the mind and body connects with the soul. So affirmations can bring peace to your mind, body and spirit.

We use affirmations to work on our subconscious mind through repetition. We all have moments when we talk to ourselves, we listen to our thoughts and our thoughts take over our mind. This is the perfect time to redirect those thoughts with strong positive affirmation words or phrases. Affirmations help us stay focused on our thoughts, bringing us closer to our goals with good energy.

If you really want to change your life then affirmations can and will help. It takes time to reprogram some thoughts and beliefs you have. Affirmations do not work overnight on changing anyone’s mind-set. When saying your affirmations always keep them positive, do not bring in any negativity. You can repeat them several ways but i like the first person, ( I am a good person). I would suggest that if you are recording your affirmations, you can use several methods to drive  that thought in your mind. First in the second person, (You are loved) say the affirmation three times, then say the words with your name, (Mary is loved), again say the words three times and then end that affirmation in the first person, (I am loved) repeating the affirmation once again three more times.

The Sunrise Media Group boxed sets of affirmations come in 20 different topics and are put together to chip away at your negative thoughts. Let our affirmation cards be the self-help that you have been looking for to change your mind-set from pessimistic to optimistic.

These cards are designed to empower you with a positive message, renewing you soul with Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness through visualization and scent. We try to use your senses to make our affirmation more real to your mind. By holding the card, you are engaging your touch. Reading the words and looking at the beautiful photos with highlight your sight and by scenting the cards with lavender it brings together your sense of smell. The effectiveness of our affirmations are highly increased by combining those senses. All cards are scented with lavender, they have beautiful photos on both sides. Side 1 has a tranquil nature scene and side 2 will brighten your day with an amazing sunrise. The peaceful affirmation words are written across the sunrise and together with the aromatic lavender scent brings a calming to your life.

Our powerful positive affirmation words can be a guide for you in your quest to move forward, keeping away negativity away from your pursuit of reaching life’s desires. Life has many challenges and our sunrise affirmation cards can be the tool you have been looking to overcome those challenges.

Repetition is best and affirmations should be said several times throughout the day to help bring changes into your life. Remember you may be trying to change some beliefs in your consciousness that have been in your mind for a lifetime. There are many good techniques to say your affirmations and help work on some of your life’s patterns. Each of our boxed sets comes with 32 cards, 1 information card and 31 affirmation cards. The cards will give to you a positive energy for an entire month and more, a new card for each day of the month. We like to start and end our day with the mirror technique. Every morning pick a new card from our boxed deck, stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and repeat the affirmation aloud with strong powerful energy. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition ! So say the words back to your mirror image at least 5 times. Take the card with you and say the words throughout the day. In the evening go back to your mirror and repeat the morning routine to help form a positive habit.

Affirmations will work, just give them time and continue with our cards till you reach your goals.

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