The purpose of this site is to bring to you a strong positive message of LOVE. There is a lot of negativity all around us every day so we wanted to create a site for everyone to spend some time away from the pressures of the day. Enjoy some time here, read our articles and archives of affirmations. Listen to the relaxing mood music. We want you to bookmark this web site and come back for your FREE daily affirmation.

Sunrise Sounds

Click the link below to enjoy the soothing sounds of rain and thunder while browsing our website. A media player will open ... just click the play button if it doesn't start playing automatically. We will rotate different soothing sounds monthly.
Rain and Thunder



A Sunrise Media Group, LLC. writes and designs all of our affirmation cards. These cards are designed to empower you with a positive message, renewing your soul with Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness through visualization and scent. When used properly, our affirmation cards can be a tool to help retrain your mind-set from pessimistic to optimistic. Our powerful positive words can be a guide for you in your quest to move forward keeping any negativity away from your pursuit of reaching life’s desires. Life has many challenges and our affirmations will be the self-help you have been looking for to overcome those challenges. Sunrise Affirmation cards are currently being sold in many Metaphysical, Holistic, Spirtual, New Age, Healing, Gift Shops. Many Health Spas, Yoga Studios, Massage and Hypnotherapy offices are also selling products from A Sunrise Media Group, LLC. Be sure to stop by your local Hallmark and Book Store and other fine Collectible stores to purchase our cards. All of our boxed sets come with 32 cards, 1 information card and 31 affirmation cards ( 1 for each day of the month ) and each card is scented with Lavender keeping you in a calm, peaceful, relaxed mood.