From the Anger Management box:

I welcome the delightful surprises of life, without anger.
I believe in myself and stay calm to others.

From the Anxiety box:

I am happily free of worries, keeping me free of anxiety.
I am without fear or anxieties when meeting new people.

From the Improving Your Sport box:

I am always in control of my game.
I set my goals, I know where I am going and how to get there.

From the Insomnia box:

I release all tensions in my muscles, calming my spirit for a restful sleep.
I relax my mind, I am at peace and can fall to sleep quickly.

From the Love box:

I project LOVE to those I meet.
I am warmed by the light of the love within me.

From the Memory box:

I snap a photo with my eyes, and store it in my memory.
I am a smart, intelligent person that can remember facts quickly and easily.

From the Money box:

I put money into my account regularly.
I am captivated with money, and money is attracted to me.

From the Motivation box:

I am always confident, with a great attitude for life, that keeps me motivated.
I stay motivated and energized when working towards my goals.

From the My Healthy Body box:

I control my appetite with ease.
I eat balanced meals, keeping me active, strong, energized, toned and healthy.

From the Overcoming Alcohol box:

I wake up each day pain free from any hangovers.
I move forward with recovery one step at a time.

From the Pain Relief box:

I embrace a healthy lifestyle to keep me pain free.
I keep my body in good shape, it helps to reduce the pain.

From the Peace box:

I am worry free with a spirit of peace.
I stay centered, keeping peace within me.

From the Pregnancy box:

I am a strong women and my body was made for birthing a baby.
I accept each contraction, getting me closer to the baby’s arrical.

From the Procrastination box:

Today, I will create fresh methods of working and organizing that will make my goals more obtainable.
I enjoy doing it once I have started, so I am starting right NOW.

From the Quit Smoking box:

I have control over all my habits.
I love my kids and will quit smoking, to keep them healthy.

From the Relationships box:

I build a positive, trusting relationship with my co-workers.
I spice up my relationship, with variety and diversity.

From the Self Love box:

I attract love to myself and give it to others.
I am a loving, valuable contributor to society.

From the Sexual Desires box:

I have erotic energy flowing through my body, fueling my sexual emotions.
I am lucky to have a love that enjoys my intimacy and passion.

From the Stress Relief box:

I visualize all the things that make me happy and feel my tension slip away.
I see more to life than just work, and I choose to slow my speed to enjoy life.

From the Student Success box:

I will persist to graduate on time, and I will not give up.
I am dedicated to my studies, and know that I will achieve my degree.