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I, (your name) want peace in my life. I trust the universe will help me accomplish this goal. I overcome emotions knowing that I am the only one in charge of my thoughts. Staying in the present moment keeps me from any worries of the future. I remove all negative thoughts about what I can’t do with positive thoughts of what I can do.  This keeps me filled with joy, love and happiness. Staying in control will leave no time for anxieties to take over. If tension starts moving into my body, I will start my deep breathing, releasing that anxiety with every exhale. To the good of all concerned, I will enjoy a life of peace, being composed, relaxed and calm.

When you feel anxiety trying to take over, try to redirect your thoughts with some of these Power Words:
Breathe, Calm, Composed,Happy, Love, Positive, Present, Relax, Smile.

Peace and Love to You Today and Always

Pay It Forward

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