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Every year as the holiday season approaches and the Christmas spirit fills our hearts, we allow our thoughts to wander and think what some may say is the greatest of all miracles, the birth of Christ. You may not believe that Jesus Christ ever existed but you may still want to believe in miracles. This time of year, many people seek some help for themselves or a loved one. Sometimes the help they seek comes in a word known to many as a miracle. A Christmas Miracle ! A time of year when extraordinary blessings are abundant. If we all take a moment now and think back to sometime in our past, we can all find a phenomenon event, not fully explained that some may describe as a miracle.

Just for the record, I was raised in a Christian home, going to church and believing in God and Jesus Christ. I read the bible, listen to the priest, read the Gospels and knew of the miracles of biblical times. Throughout the history of the church teachings, there have been many miracles related by evangelist and written in Gospels.

During the time that Jesus Christ lived on this earth, there were 37 miracles recorded by his followers and written in the Gospels. Many witnessed Jesus turning water into wine, or feeding the 5,000, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, healing a paralytic, and the miraculous catch of the fish to name a few. It is believed that the greatest of all miracles is the Resurrection of Christ.

Now I am not writing to claim or disclaim miracles. I am just blogging some of my thoughts on miracles from biblical readings to New Age thinkers. Do miracles exist and are they possible today? You can leave me a comment by clicking on any of my products and write your thoughts in the comment area.

Well if you believe in God and that the universe controls all natural laws, then the answer is yes. To deny miracles would be the denial of Christianity. An atheist then must deny any possibilities of miracles, without any belief in God. Or can they perform there own miracles without the help of God?

If God created the universe and all the nature within and beyond, then He has all the power to control the supernatural marvels that could be called a miracles. Your belief in miracles will be of having God extending His extraordinary blessing on us. A traditional sense of where miracles come from is from our God above.

Can we all agree on what a miracle is ? Let me try to define a miracle.

God, with all His powers of the universe and His Divine providence, works with the Laws of Nature to perform what people see as miracles. A miracle is an event believed to be an act of God, or some other supernatural power, because it appears impossible to explain by any Laws of Nature. So a miracle is an extraordinary occurrence that is ascribed to a Divine or supernatural intervention event, a great work of wonder performed by God.

Some believe that all life was set in motion by God at the beginning of time. Whatever happens now , was destined to happen at the right moment in time. Therefore miracles were then set in advance motion in part to the creation of the universe.

Moving into a New Age of religion, many believe that miracles are more simply obtained without the help of God. A Miracle can be obtained from thought.

An event that is statistically unlikely but is beneficial, a phenomenon not fully explained, just beating the odds can all be defined as a miracle. Something so wonderful that excites astonishment, a sensible deviation from the known Laws of Nature, seeing a effect without knowing the cause of anything outside the order of usually observed in things may be considered a miracle, without the help of God.

Law of Attraction and New Age teachings believe you get what you want through visualization and that you can create your own reality. Nothing or nobody has any control over your peace of mind. You control your thoughts and nothing outside of your own body, mind and spirit can save you. Your miracles come from your own thoughts.

We all have the power within ourselves to change our lives. Do we then create our own everyday miracles?

Can we make a miracle happen with strong positive powerful thought? Can we create our own miracles today with knowledge of the supernatural and a mix of miraculous techniques?

People search for miracles whenever something bad comes into their lives. There may be some contrast in your everyday activities that has brought on a terrible situation. You may be seeking a miracle but what you really need is an alignment of your positive energy. When your energy matches your desires, anything can manifest and miracles, yes miracles can happen everyday of your life.

Are New Age thinkers moving away from Christ and biblical miracles? Whether New Age or Christian, all agree that to see a miracle performed you must have faith.

Believe and you can change the world around you. You do this by being forgiving, by being kind and by being a loving person. A good person will always find their happiness and the miracle they seek within.


Peace and Love

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